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Stonewall Jackson Field Desk Provenance

The Stonewall Jackson Field Desk is a faithful reproduction of the desk in the VMI Museum. According to Colonel Keith E. Gibson, Director of the museum, “The desk is believed to be a model provided to Jackson by VMI while he taught here. When he was called away to war on 21 April, 1861, he quite logically took the desk with him for field use.”

“As to the provenance of the desk,” Colonel Gibson continues, “the desk was presented to the VMI Museum by Col. Jennings C. Wise, VMI class of 1902 . . . author of The Long Arm of Lee and The Military History of VMI. He purchased this desk in 1931 for the museum from Miss Bessie Scott Crawford, the great niece of General Richard Ewell. General Ewell inherited Jackson’s command, staff, and desk. When Ewell quickly evacuated Richmond in April 1865, he most likely left the desk with his brother.

Ben, then living in Richmond. It is possible that Ben kept the desk after the war. He became president of William and Mary and perhaps used it himself. Richard Ewell died in 1872 leaving no children. Miss Crawford inherited the desk from her mother, Elizabeth, the only child of Ewell’s brother Ben.”

The handsome desk, with solid brass hardware, is reproduced by Logan Creek Designs of Abingdon, Virginia, in strict conformance with quality standards set by VMI. The cherry wood has been hand rubbed with a traditional oil finish that will develop a rich natural patina as it ages.

Each desk will be numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. A cherry table is built and finished with the same exacting detail. A portion of the purchase price of each desk will go to the VMI Museum.

General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson will be remembered forever as one of the greatest military leaders of all time. His faith and loyalty to state inspire us today. Now, VMI and Logan Creek Designs offer you a reminder of Jackson’s illustrious legacy to treasure for your home, office, study or retreat.

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