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Featured in Gods And Generals

Logan Creek Designs’ furniture is featured
in the major motion picture Gods and Generals.

Gods and Generals is the prequel to The Killer Angels, the novel upon which the film Gettysburg was based. Written by Jeff Shaara (son of Michael Shaara, author of The Killer Angels), Gods and Generals is now a major motion picture written and directed by Ron Maxwell. The movie was produced by Ted Turner Pictures and was filmed in and around Sharpsburg, Maryland, the site of the Antietam Battlefield, and on actual historic locations in Virginia and West Virginia. Many of the actors from the movie Gettysburg have reprised their roles in the film, which also features the characters Stonewall Jackson, Mary Anna Morrison Jackson, Myra Hancock, and Fanny Chamberlain.

We at Logan Creek Designs are proud to have several pieces of handcrafted period furniture in the movie!

Gods and Generals is a Warner Brothers release.

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