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Shipped, delivered or picked up. Which option is best for your needs?

Shipped Common Carrier

The furniture made by Logan Creek Designs is mid-sized and although very sturdy, requires substantial crating before being shipped by common carrier. We have excellent service and employ “Overnite Transport,” a nationwide trucking firm with local terminals.

For example, the Jackson Field Desk and Table nest inside a custom crate 40” x 46” x 34” constructed of 2” x 2” framing and covered with ¼ OSB tightly held together with easily removable screws. The pieces are individually wrapped in padding, secured within the crate and hand delivered to the freight terminal via our truck.

The carrier takes 3 to 5 business days in delivery to your site; a business address works best, but home delivery is also available. You also may pick up the crate at your local terminal to speed up the arrival by a day or two.

Call ahead for a quote to your location.

UPS Shipment

For smaller items such as the Lee Camp Chest, we have had success using UPS Ground as well as air delivery. Call ahead for a quote to your location.

Logan Creek Delivers!

Within reasonable distance, Logan Creek Designs will deliver directly to your front door and even better, uncrate and setup your pieces while you wait! The rate will vary by distance, but generally runs $1.00 per mile one way up to 400 miles. Longer runs are considered at the same $1.00/mile rate, plus travel expenses for one.

Call ahead for a quote and discuss a few other custom delivery options.


A few of our valued customers have chosen to pay us a visit and pick up their furniture in person. We live and work in a beautiful and historic area of southwest Virginia near the town of Abingdon just off Interstate 81. Click for driving directions.

Feel free to visit our home and shop as well as many local venues: Saltville Battlefields, historic Abingdon, Virginia Creeper Trail, and Damascus to name a few.

Although you will save shipping/delivery cost, you will incur 5% Virginia sales tax on the total purchase.

We recommend using a covered pickup truck, large SUV or van to protect your new furniture on the return. You will need to supply plenty of quilts, blankets or wraps for secure transport; we will assist in loading.

Please call ahead to arrange a mutually suitable pickup date and time.

Regardless of the option, balance is always due upon completion of your pieces, no matter which method you chose to take possession!

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